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The Telegraph

Review: Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs Kanye

Athough there's a bit of padding, some surprising and entertaining archive footage makes this doc about hip hop's lamest feud worth seeing.

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Thames Water asked police to supply every cannabis farm address. Police refused (FOI)

I used FOI in a not boring way: Thames Water wrote to the police to ask them to help work out how much water they were losing to cannabis farms. Unfortunately, it didn't amount to much.

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We Analysed Today's New Drug Use Stats So You Don't Have to - VICE

Drug use among the 16-24s is no longer in decline, according to new figures from the government's Crime Survey.

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Inside the one UK lab testing your drugs

Taking drugs in 2017 is more dangerous than it's ever been. Staff from WEDINOS – the only lab in the UK testing drugs all year round – explain why.

The Telegraph

Review: Secret Garden Party

One last huzzah in Cambridgeshire as the UK's first 'boutique' festival closes its doors for good.

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The Telegraph

Who flies the planes in Dunkirk? Meet the warbird restorers who ...

Who flies the planes in Dunkirk? Meet the warbird r...


Revealed: The London Boroughs that grow the most weed

Who knew that freedom of information could be used to monitor London's cannabis farms.

The Telegraph

Review: The Maccabees at Alexandra Palace

A review of the first of three farewell gigs the Maccabees played in London as part of their farewell tour (also reproduced in the paper).

Wired UK

Trapping the machine elves: your brain on DMT

Robin Carhart-Harris and Chris Timmerman are part of a team of researchers at Imperial performing the world's first fMRI scan of the brain on DMT.


Could Ketamine Cure Addiction? - VICE

A write up of Eternal K-Hole of the Spotless Mind, a documentary I produced for VICE.

The Telegraph

What's it like to fly in the Vomit Comet?

Parabolic flight doesn't just need guts: it needs a strong stomach. The history of the anti-gravity flight in film.

The Telegraph

How Washington fell out of love with House of Cards

A look at how Washington's political and media establishment has abandoned the cynical series it once held close to its chest.

The Telegraph

The Real War Machine

I spent some time with director David Michod for this piece unpicking the truth behind satire War Machine – his latest film starring Brad Pitt.

The Telegraph

Prince: the big questions, one year after his death

On the one-year anniversary of Prince's death, I combed through newly published court documents that shed light on some of the unanswered questions.


Profile: Danial Mirza

A prodigiously intelligent, Trump-supporting Muslim student is on a mission to fight radical Islam and the language police on campus. His first interview.